Secure Your Fences and Railings with Tamper-Proof Fasteners

Is security an afterthought when you’re installing fences or railings? Often when we install fences or railings, we consider placement, foundation, and construction materials. We’re concerned with whether our fences and railings are solid, sturdy and aesthetically-pleasing. But now that you’ve invested time, labor, and materials into your fences or railings, you want to make sure they’re secure. If you’re building safety railings, you also want to ensure that they’re secure to avoid any safety issues. You build fences and railings for security, and Loss Prevention Fasteners can help you secure your investment with tamper-proof fasteners.

The type of security fastener you use will depend on the construction of your fences or railings and which materials you need to secure them to. When it comes to securing fences or railings to any stone-based material, we recommend tamper-proof sleeve anchors.

Tamper-proof sleeve anchors are an easy-to-use adaptable masonry anchoring system. These sleeve anchors can be used for light or heavy-duty fastening in concrete, brick, block and any other stone-based materials. When the security head of the anchor is tightened, the body expands against the base material to create a strong connection that is able to distribute load-bearing weight. This application is a great fit for fences or railings with a stone base or ones that are secured to brick, concrete, or a similar material.

Loss Prevention Fasteners provides sleeve anchors with the Ultra 6 lobe security pin which is the gold standard in tamper-proof fasteners. The Ultra 6 lobe pin sleeve anchors are available in various sizes from 1/4 to 3/4” diameter. See the visual below for more details on available sizes and specifications for the tamper-proof anchors.

These tamper-proof fence and railing anchors come in either a full stainless steel version or with a stainless steel head and zinc-plated body. The stainless steel sleeve anchors are suitable for outdoor, wet environments and the zinc-plated body versions are recommended for indoor, dry environments. When deciding which version to use ensure you’re using the appropriate design for the environment where you’re installing your tamper-proof fences or railings.

When you’re installing your fence and railing fasteners, remember that although these sleeve anchors are removable, we recommend that you don’t regularly remove and re-install. Since the Ultra 6 lobe pin security sleeve anchor expands in the ground once it’s installed, frequent removal will degrade its efficacy. For more information on how the sleeve anchors are installed, you can reference the diagrams on the visual above. You can also review the installation instructions to make sure the Ultra 6 lobe pin security sleeve anchors are the appropriate size and application for your tamper-proof fences and railings.

Whether you’re installing privacy fencing or safety railings, ensure your fences and railings are secure with Loss Prevention Fasteners’ tamper-proof fasteners. With the Ultra 6 lobe pin security sleeve anchors, you get top of the line security. Save time, labour, and materials, and have confidence in the safety of your fences and railings.

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