Residents of Bat Cave, North Carolina could tell you that it doesn’t take a career criminal to steel a street sign. However, you don’t have to live somewhere with fancy street names to notice how often street and road signs go missing. From sign collectors to scrap metal sellers, most of the time they are simply fastened and waiting for a souvenir collector to easily take home. That is unless they are protected with Loss Prevention Fasteners’ Tamper Proof hardware.

Loss Prevention Fasteners offers a wide variety of items that can fit many applications. For a permanent installation, we offer our Tork-Nuts. These sturdy nuts tighten with a standard hand wrench to a pre-determined PSI, and once you exceed it, the hex nut breaks off leaving you with a finish that cannot be removed by conventional means.
loss prevention fasteners carriage bolt

To prevent theft or unauthorized removal, we suggest our T-groove security nuts paired with a carriage bolt. The carriage bolt sits flush with material and when fastened with a T-groove nut the pair discourage would-be thieves who, after noticing the high security nut, will realize that their time would be rewarded elsewhere. Our T-groove nuts are sold alongside our T-groove sockets that provide you with the ability to remove your security fasteners whenever the need arises.
Choosing a Loss Prevention Fasteners’ removable or permanent Tamper-Proof solution will provide you with peace of mind, as well as save you time and money.