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Security® Partition Screws

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Security® Partition Screws

Sex Bolt, Binder Posts, Washroom Divider Security Screws- It doesn’t matter what you call them because this versatile security fastener can do almost any job.
A functional tamper proof screw with an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Ideal for public restrooms, telephone booths, electronics, manufacturers and end users.

Security® Partition Screws

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One Way security binder posts male and female.

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2 piece Partition Security screws are used in a variety of locations including

  • Restroom
  • Washroom
  • Lavatory
  • WC

There are many uses for male and female security screws, most popular use is holding together two or more items such as panels and railings.

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Truss Head One Way Security Partition Fasteners

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