Plug, Light Switch and Cover Plate Security Screws


All screws are not created equal. When it comes to security in a screw, an oval head ultra 5 lobe pin provides the extra reassurance you want around plugs, light switches, plate covers, and electrical switches. Oval head undercut screws are designed specifically for plug, light switch, and cover plates.

We carry more security fastener products than anyone else and our team of experts can share their input so you can choose the right product with confidence. The 5 lobe security screws are consistently rated as one of the most secure and effective tamper-proof screws, and we take extra steps to ensure our products never sacrifice on quality or integrity, providing peace of mind and additional theft resistance. The 5 lobe with pin are also available as machine screws, bolts, and tapping screws to meet your needs, no matter what equipment you’re working with or what your project may require.

We stock an extensive variety of colours and materials on our shelves specifically for plug, light switch, and cover plates—more than our competitors—including stainless steel, white, ivory, and silver colouring to match any job. The screws install easily and come in 6-32x½” and 6-32x¼” oval head under cut. 

No matter how big your order is—from a small quantity to a large order of inventory—we work with you, so you have exactly what you need when you need it, without ever compromising on quality or breaking the bank.

Learn more about the types and styles of security screws we carry, or call us for more information 1.888.584.6283.