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Tamperproof Security Nuts

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All styles and types of security nuts, tamper resistant and tamper proof nuts.

Tamperproof Security Nuts

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Ultra-Lok S7 Nut

High Security Nuts

Ultra-Lok S7® High Security Nuts are made in the USA. Providing excellent tool engagement and higher torque makes the Ultra-Lok S7 your first choice for a high security nut. More Info »


Security Nuts offer easy installation

T-Groove® Security Nuts offer easy installation. Low cost makes them the ideal fastener for large or small jobs. Available in Zinc Plated Steel, Stainless Steel and sizes from 10-24 up to 1″-8 (some Metric sizes available). More Info »

Galvanized Security Nuts

For use with galvanized threaded rod

Galvanized security nuts are for use with galvanized threaded rod. Galvanized bolts and anchors that require security nuts range in size from 1/4-20 to 3/4-10 galvanized tamper proof nuts. Galvanized tamperproof nuts used on 5/16-18, 3/8-16 and 1/2-13 studs are an excellent solution to prevent theft and corrosion. More Info »


One of the more secure nuts available

Tork-Nut Security Nuts are one of the more secure nuts available. The top nut breaks off after installation leaving you with an installed nut with no drive. Easy to install but very difficult to remove. Available Zinc Alloy, Aluminum, Steel & Stainless Steel material. More Info »


Unique design resists gripping devices

– Unique design resists pliers & other gripping devices – Available in stainless steel & case hardened steel – Sizes 6-32 to 3/4-10, metric 3mm to 20mm also BSW & Whitworth threads. More Info »


Made of Steel

T-Slope® Security Nuts are the most difficult to install and remove. Available in Zinc Plated material.More Info »


Made of Zinc

Spanner® Security Nuts are a simple design with an excellent performance record.More Info »

A Complete Line of Tamper Resistant Nuts

LOSS PREVENTION FASTENERS carry’s a complete line of Tamperproof – Security Nuts – Slot-Lok®, Penta® / Pentagon, T-Groove®, Tork-Nut®, Spanner® and T-Slope®.

LPF® is constantly researching and testing the newest and best Tamperproof – Security fasteners from around the globe. Check back on a regular basis for updated fasteners on our site.

Supplying Anti Theft Nuts supplies security nuts, break-a-way nuts, aluminum or stainless steel tamper proof nuts. Whatever your need in anti theft nuts or high security shear nuts, breakaway nuts, one way nuts, nuts that can only be installed an not removed; Loss Prevention fasteners can supply a solution for standard or custom anti theft break-off nuts. Call us – lets talk tamper resistant nuts.
All styles and types of security nuts, tamper resistant and tamper proof nuts. Call us for more info 888.584.6283

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