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All styles and types of security fasteners; tamper resistant tamper proof & high security.
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Stainless steel tough and durable security fence fasteners can be customized to meet your needs.
Special heads on the Pentagon bolts are industrial rated. Penta bolt tools are not sold in hardware stores.
One way lag bolts are easy to install and very difficult to remove.
Pentagon head security lag bolts, one way construction lag screw, self tapping tip, pre-drilling not required, wide sharp threads, Roby-Pin high security screws, long length security lags, tamperproof resistant, nuts, bolts, screws, anchors, metric and custom, high security, anti-theft, tork-nut, break off security nuts, t-groove security fasteners, tamper proof anchors, button head anchors, ultra 6 lobe security cladding screw, bonded washer, ultra lok II
Palisade fencing is a type of security barrier commonly used for perimeter protection. It consists of vertical steel or aluminum pickets, known as pales, that are attached to horizontal rails using Loss Prevention Fasteners Saddle Bolts and Break Off Nuts. The pales are typically pointed or have a sharp tip at the top, providing a deterrent against climbing over the fence.

Palisade fencing is commonly used in various settings, including industrial facilities, commercial properties, schools, prisons, and military installations. Its main advantages include its strength, visual deterrent effect, and ease of maintenance and added security because of the use of Loss Prevention Fasteners Galvanized T bolts, saddle bolts and Tork nuts.

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