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Anti-theft Bolts

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Anti-theft Bolts

All styles and types of security bolts, tamper resistant and tamper proof bolts.

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Roby-Pin High Security Screws

Roby-Pin High Security screws are exclusively sold by Loss Prevention Fasteners. Roby-Pin Tamper Proof Square Drive with Security Pin offers an excellent tamper proof solution. More Info »

Ultra-Lok II

Ultra-Lok II

Ultra-Lok II is a removable/re-usable high security fastener… More Info »

Slot-Lok Bolts

Slot-Lok Bolts

HIGH SECURITY FASTENER plus An Installed Slot-Lok does not invite interference as it appears more as ornamentation than a fastener head – it hides in plain sight as a design element. More Info »

Ultra-Lok® Tamper Proof Bolts

Ultra-Lok® Tamper Proof Bolts

Our REVOLUTIONARY Design is the World’s Finest Theft Resistant Fastener. Available in Standard and Metric sizes in 18.8 SS, 316 SS, Zinc Plated Steel and custom materials by request More Info »


Tork Bolts offer superior theft resistance.

Tork-Bolts Security Bolts offer superior theft resistance. Once the fastener reaches a specific torque limit the head breaks off leaving you with a permanently installed fastener. More Info »

Pentagon ® (External) Tamper Proof Bolts

Pentagon ® (External) Tamper Proof Bolts

Pentagon® Security bolts are an excellent solution where larger sizes are needed. Standard sizes from 3/8″ to 5/8″ diameter are stocked and we can offer custom sizes as from 1/4″ up to 1″. Available in 18.8 Stainless & Zinc plated material. *In some cases minimum orders apply for custom sizes, call for details. More Info »

T-Groove® Tamper Proof Bolts

T-Groove® Tamper Proof Bolts

T-Groove® Security Bolts are an excellent alternative to the more common style Tamper Proof Bolts. Available in Zinc Plated material. More Info »


Hex-Pin® offers the greatest choices

Hex-Pin® Security bolts by Loss Prevention Fasteners offer the greatest choice of sizes and materials in Tamper Resistant Bolts. Easy to install and offers a great deterrent in any application. More Info »

Ultra (6-Lobe)®

Ultra (6-Lobe)® are one of the most efficient bolts.

Ultra 6 Lobe Security® bolts are one of the most efficient Tamper Resistant Bolts in use today. Easy to install and offers a great deterrent in any application. The 6 lobe design permits higher torque values than many other security drive styles. More Info »

Spanner Bolts

Spanner Snake-eye Bolts

Spanner, Pig Nose, Snake Eyes®, Drilled Head or Twin Hole – It doesn’t matter what you call them because this versatile security fastener can do almost any job. A functional tamper proof screw with an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Ideal for public restrooms, telephone booths, electronics, manufacturers and end users. More Info »


Socket Cap Head Screw

Security Socket Head Capscrews are a removable/re-usable security fastener… More Info »
Click on LPFPB 304 for Penta head Bolts

Socket head cap screws with pin. Allen bolts security pin. Inch and metric socket bolts with security pin. Call for pricing.

LPF® is Constantly researching and Testing the Newest and Best Tamper Resistant Bolts Around The Globe supplies custom, non standard and oddball tamper proof fasteners click HERE

Call us first 1.888.584.6283 for large diameter security bolts and or long length tamper resistant fasteners.
Prevention Fasteners can also supply special fasteners with or without security drive.

Supplying inch diameters ranging from
#10 X 12″ to 2″ x 20″ standard specs and customer specials.

Supplying inch diameters ranging from
M5 X 300 to M64 X 500 standard specs and customer specials.

Inch and metric security fasteners in a variety of head styles

LPfast can supply to your specifications in a security bolt. We can also supply as non tamper proof style.


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