Loss Prevention Fasteners’ Tamper-Proof anchors are a fantastic solution to a problem that everybody faces. Whether it is personal property, or your business’, securing installations is vital. There are few things more upsetting than spending hard earned money or hours out of your day, only to find your installation stolen.

Installations such as fences, bike racks, art installations, A/C units, propane tank storage, and many more all require an effective security solution. Effective strategies will save you money, time, and will also provide peace of mind.

AnchorsOne thing all these projects have in common is that they often require you to secure them into materials like stone, brick, and concrete. The item we recommend for projects involving these materials are our security anchors. TamperProof Concrete Anchors installed into stone, brick or concrete provide a stable and load bearing connection.

We offer 2 types of tamper resistant concrete anchors. Stainless Steel offers a waterproof finish that makes these anchors perfect for outdoor installations. Zinc Plated steel anchors are a perfect option for indoor solutions, where weather is not a factor.

Our Tamper-Proof security anchors use our Ultra-6 lobe with pin security drive. This drive helps to ward off theft by preventing many kinds of tools from catching and allowing removal. Additionally, the pin in the drive is a recognizable sign to thieves that your installation will not be taken easily.

We carry a variety of sizes that you can see on our anchor tech sheet above, or you can give us a call to ensure that we have what you are looking for.

Anchor drilling

Security anchors are installed by drilling a hole to fit the post diameter, then like any kind of bolt, you position whatever you are installing to the material you have drilled into. After that, all you need to do is insert the anchor, and tighten using an Ultra-6 lobe bit. The sleeves on the anchor will open as you tighten and in no time your installation is complete.

Frequent removal of installed anchors is not recommended, as once the sleeve is installed, removal and re-insertion can degrade the anchor and cause wear.

Tamper-proof security anchors are a perfect option for anybody looking to secure any sort of large installation into stone, brick, or concrete.