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Security Hinge Screws
Light switch & Cover plate security screws
Security Screws for light switch cover plates and plug cover plates. 6-32 x 1/4” 0val head security screws for cover plates are available in white color, beige colour and stainless steel.
Anchor nut, cold headed, astragels, allen key to tighten, astragel nut, astragel, square neck carriage bolt, carriage bolts, industrial style sex bolts, driverless truss head sex bolt, locking knurled rim, brass, steel, aluminum, stainless, six lobe, door hinge screws, oval head screws, flat head undercut screws, u-serts, nut installed inot sheet metal, install a nut into steel, aluminum, fiberglass and stainless, blind, closed, or through hole applications, secure threads, replace stripped out sheet metal screws.

Thin head tamper proof screws for use on door hinge, lock plates and other areas that require a flat head undercut security screw for thin or lightweight material are in stock.

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