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Hex-Pin® Security bolts

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Hex-Pin® offers the greatest choices

Hex-Pin® Security bolts by Loss Prevention Fasteners offer the greatest choice of sizes and materials in Tamper Resistant Bolts. Easy to install and offers a great deterrent in any application.

Hex-Pin® Security bolts

Easy to install and offers a great deterrent in any application. Available up to diameter 2 inch and m48 – in a variety of standard and custom materials and finishes, 18.8 Stainless, 316 stainless, alloy steel, brass, etc, passivated, black, zinc and special materials.

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Hex pin security screws, also known as tamper-resistant screws or security screws or Allen screws with pin, are fasteners designed to prevent unauthorized access or tampering with a particular object or device.
These screws have a unique shape and require a specialized tool, such as a hex pin driver or wrench, to install or remove them.

The hex pin security screws have a small pin in the center of the hexagonal recess of the screw head, which makes it difficult for traditional screwdrivers to grip and turn the screw. The pin requires a specialized driver tool with a matching pin to engage and turn the screw.

These screws are commonly used in applications where security is a top priority, such as in public buildings, correctional facilities, and transportation systems. They are also used in electronic devices, medical equipment, and other products that require protection against tampering, theft, or vandalism.

In summary, hex pin security screws provide an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access and tampering. They are easy to install and remove with the right tool, making them a popular choice for security-conscious individuals and organizations. Versatile security, tamper resistant and anti-theft available in 18.8 & 316 stainless steel A2 & A4 & brass & copper materials.
HexPin bolts are available as Extra Long Length security screws and Large Diameter tamper proof screws as Button Head, Flat Head, Shoulder Bolts, Set Screws & more.
Inch & Metric Size tamper proof screws and bolts in Various Materials, request Made in USA
SECURITY SCREWS ,Tapping screws , Machine screws , Thread cutting, Standard sizes, Custom sizes, Flat Head, Flat Head Undercut, Button Head, Truss Head
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Button head and flat head, large range of diameters and lengths.

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