From a street sign for Penny Lane to the ubiquitous stop sign, theft of street signs and public art is unfortunately common. In many cases this theft is the work of souvenir hunters, looking for signs with specific references or valuable public art. In other cases, it’s the work of metal thieves looking for specific materials like aluminum to sell for scrap. It’s also common for traffic signs to be stolen and used as decoration. Whatever the reason, stolen street signs and public art are frustrating (and sometimes) expensive for city officials and artists. So you might be asking how to prevent stolen street signs and public art?

Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to prevent stolen street signs and public art. Many of the same security options can be used for both signage and public art, making them versatile across different applications. Loss Prevention Fasteners also offers temporary security solutions that can be removed when needed and permanent security solutions that aren’t removable. Whether you’re looking for a temporary solution for an installation of public art or something more permanent for a stop sign, Loss Prevention Fasteners has options that will allow you to secure your outdoor signs and art and stop a metal thief in their tracks.




If you’re looking to secure special events, commemoration or decorative signs, or temporary public art installations, you’ll want a solution that prevents theft but is still removable when needed. When it comes to temporary security, Loss Prevention Fasteners recommends T-groove nuts and security bolts like LP Fasteners’ Ultra 6 lobe security pin with a carriage bolt adapter. Using the T-groove nut with a security bolt provides an extra layer of security for your signs or art. The install and removal tool for the Ultra 6 lobe pins fits easily on all screwdrivers and the T-groove nut install tool has 4 flats for use with a wrench and a 3/8 drive socket. 


You can also use the T-groove nut with a nylon carriage bolt and adapter which protect the sign face and are available in two measurements: 5/16 or 3/8 for the carriage bolt adapter and 5/16-18 or 3/8-16 for the carriage bolt.


If you’re looking to prevent theft of common outdoor signs like street or stop signs, you’ll need a more permanent security solution. Loss Prevention Fasteners recommends tork nuts and a carriage bolt like the Ultra 6 lobe or Ultra 5 lobe. Tork nuts do not require special tools for installation and can be used on any bolt except Tork bolts. As tork nuts are a permanent installation, ensure that the sign or art you are securing does not need to be removable. Permanent road name signs, stop signs, and other directional signs are a great fit for the long-term security you’ll get with a tork nut and security bolt installation.

Preventing the theft of street signs and public art will save money, time, and offer peace of mind. With Loss Prevention Fasteners’ removable and permanent security options, you can have confidence in the security of your street signs and public art.