When it comes to situations where safety and security are a priority, playgrounds are an obvious top choice. Unfortunately, there are security options that aren’t so secure, including things like S-hooks. There’s an alternative to the S-hook that will greatly increase security and safety, preventing both tampering and things like wear and accident. This option is the security pin shackle. Loss Prevention Fasteners provides two versatile security pin shackle options, the standard single security pin shackle and the double shackle security pin.

The security pin shackle is made up of a bow that’s threaded with a 5/16-inch hex pin. The double shackle has a small opening on one side and a large opening on the other. It’s threaded with two 5/16-inch hex pins, one on each side. See the graphic below for an example of each security pin shackle. These shackles are made with either stainless or galvanized steel and come in a few different sizes.

Security Pin shackles

The single security pin shackle has a stainless steel option that’s 1-1/8 inches in length and a galvanized steel option that’s 1-1/4 inches in length. Both options are 5/16 inches in diameter and 1/2 an inch wide.

The double shackle security pin has a stainless steel security pin option that’s 1/4 inch on the small side and 1-1/6th of an inch on the large side. The galvanized steel option is 1/2 an inch on the small side and 1 inch in the large side. See the graphic above for more information on dimensions of the security pin shackle options.

There are many benefits to a security pin shackle over something like an S-hook. Shackles are strong, secure and reusable. They’re versatile for various fastening applications like playground equipment or swing sets. You don’t need to worry about loosening, slipping, or rusting. The classic design of the shackle creates a security option that maximizes durability, versatility and usability. These shackles are ideal for playground applications and large swing sets. Choosing a security shackle ensures peace of mind with a security option that’s long-lasting, tamper-resistant and safe.

For use on swing sets, shackles are easy to install for a new construction or to replace existing S-hooks. Use the security pin shackles for each seat connection for the strongest and most secure swing set.

The shackle design combined with LP Fasteners’ top of the line security pins creates a security option that ensures safety and resists tampering. Avoid accidents, counter tampering or theft, and secure your playground equipment with the best in security pin shackles.