Loss Prevention Fasteners has developed a high torque, High quality, high security nut.
The Ultra-Lok S7, 316 Stainless High security Nut… ideal for all projects – and especially suited
for ‘tight fit’ situations… the internal 7 Lobe drive means the outside diameter of the nut is
the clearance you need to install.

The Heptagon (7 Lobe) tool engagement provides one of the highest torque values
in the industry. The contoured internal drive actually hides in plain… after installation
the nut appears to have no mechanical method removal. The removal tools are proprietary
to Loss Prevention Fasteners, Patent Pending.

Made in the USA of 316 stainless steel makes the S7 tough and hard, plus resistant to chemicals
and salt water.

For more information about the S7 High Security nut call us. We are also available for
technical support on all of your projects requiring high security, tamper proof and anti-theft

Contact info: Sales@LPfast.com
Toll Free: 1.888.584.6283