Protect and secure your copper wire

A quick Google search on copper wire theft reveals a series of news stories where the cost of damage is high and the likelihood of restitution is low. Demand for copper has increased and copper production companies have not been able to fully meet the market demand. This increased demand has corresponded to a dramatic rise in copper prices in the last two decades. And an increased price means that copper theft has become much more common. This rise in theft means that many are looking for solutions on how to prevent wire theft and asking how to prevent copper wire theft.

In addition to an increased price, copper wire theft is also rising due to a few other factors. Many scrap dealers pay high prices for recycled copper and copper is usually fairly easy to steal. It’s also often difficult to apprehend copper thieves and the penalties for those charged are low fines and short prison times. And although it’s easy to steal, copper wire is expensive for owners to replace and the damage incurred during theft can be extensive.


So if you have copper wire, electrical infrastructure, or utility poles you need to secure, what can you do? LP Fasteners provides wire theft protection with Ultra-Lok bolts and other security options.

Ultra-Lok security bolts are high security, theft-resistant fasteners. They are available in most standard and metric sizes, and either flat head or button head designs. Ultra-Lok bolts have a proprietary drive that require a specific tool. These Ultra-Lok tools are restricted. These security bolts and restricted tools provide an incredibly secure option for your copper wire and electricity infrastructure.


LP Fasteners also offers Ultra-Lok handhole covers (HHC) to prevent theft on light and utility poles. Light pole wire theft can be incredibly costly in both labour and materials, and non-functioning light poles can be a security issue and cause community frustration. HHCs and Ultra-Lok security bolts can help you avoid these issues and save you time and money. These hand hole covers are constructed with a 7/16” industrial-grade steel cover plate and 1/4” industrial-grade U channel backing bar. They are custom-designed to fit your application and power poles. The HHCs are available in a galvanized or powder-coated finish. These light pole hand hole covers are also secured with our proprietary Ultra-Lok bolt for top of the line security. Ultra-Lok bolts are sold separately and add another layer of protection for your utility poles

Even though copper wire theft is on the rise, you have options for wire theft prevention. Ensure your business or facility doesn’t end up as another case of wire theft with LP Fasteners’ wire theft prevention options. With the Ultra-Lok bolt and hand hole covers, you can secure your copper wire, utility poles, or electricity infrastructure with confidence. Save money, prevent damage, and achieve peace of mind with wire theft prevention security options you can rely on.


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