How can I prevent catalytic converter theft?

A cursory search of the term “catalytic converter” brings up a few listings on what a catalytic converter is and how it works. The rest of the page is filled with stories of catalytic converter theft. Cases of catalytic converter theft are rising dramatically across Canada, the US and in other parts of the world. According to a Global News story, ICBC—the provincial auto insurer for the province of British Columbia—claims of catalytic converter theft “went up 10-fold over five years—doubling between 2018 and 2019, then doubling again in 2020.” In 2020, there were more than 1,500 ICBC reported thefts. A Car and Driver piece outlines some of the stats from the US including a rise from under 200 to over 500 catalytic converter theft from 2019 to 2020 in Wichita, Kansas. Reports from other cities, in states across the country, tell a similar story. 

Catalytic converter theft isn’t a new phenomenon. But over the last few years its frequency has skyrocketed. This is attributed to the rising price of some of the metals present in catalytic converters. According to Car and Driver, “Two of the three rare earth metals used in catalytic converters are worth more per ounce than gold.” These value of these two metals, Palladium and Rhodium, has increased exponentially and even the value of Platinum, the other metal present in converters, is sitting at a two-year high. That means when it comes to metal scrap, catalytic converters are an attractive target. 

Vehicles that are higher off the ground (like trucks and commercial fleet vehicles) are common targets as it’s easier for thieves to remove the converter. But this doesn’t mean other types of vehicles are immune. A CBC news story recounts details of thefts reported from “vehicles parked overnight at mechanic shops, sometimes at private residences and also at vehicle dealerships.” This outlines how catalytic converter theft is a concern both personally and commercially. 

But these same news stories don’t have much advice for prevention. Some recommend parking vehicles in well-lit areas or enclosed garages, or even welding your converter to your vehicle to prevent theft. At Loss Prevention Fasteners, security is our specialty. For catalytic converter security, we recommend our Ultra 5 lobe and our Roby-pin security bolts for an easy-to-use, reliable security option.

oby-Pin-Security-Screws oby-Pin-Security-Screws

The Ultra 5 lobe bolt is a unique security pin that’s available with either a flat or button head. It’s used in many security applications, but can also be a great fit for your converter security. Ultra 5 lobe security screws are consistently rated as one of the most secure tamper-proof screws. They’re easy to install and can only be removed with a specialized tool that’s not available in hardware stores. This special tool is easy to use with any 1/4” screwdriver. These secure designs cannot be opened with standard screwdrivers and easily deter theft.

Make sure you’re not a footnote in the next story of catalytic converter theft with Loss Prevention Fasteners security pins. Avoid costly replacement and insurance coverage, and ensure peace of mind for your personal vehicle or your commercial fleet, with Ultra 5 lobe security pins.