Made In USA T-Groove Security Nuts


Loss prevention and security are a hot topic for businesses and property owners alike. It’s an expensive and stressful problem. But it’s one that can be solved easily with T-Groove security nuts, the number one problem solver and number one product distributors sell.

Made in the United States of America and offering easy installation and a low cost, our T-Groove security nuts are the ideal fastener for jobs of any size. 

Stainless steel and zinc plated nuts are available, along with overtapped nuts for galvanized studs and bolts. The nuts come in a range of sizes, 10-24 up to ¾-10, with metric sizes also available and the design helps to prevent pooling of liquids or debris, too. We offer an unmatched selection of products and can create customized pieces tailored to your specifications.

Made in USA T-Groove Nuts Made in USA T-Groove Nuts                                                                                         

T-Groove security nuts can be used anywhere a nut is required. They’re the ideal choice for exposed areas with a risk of theft, vandalism, or other security concerns, such as automobile roof racks, roof top tents, light bars, and even street signs.

The majority of our products are domestically produced in the USA, offering an unmatched level of quality at an affordable price. We offer true blind shipments and have sold our products to buyers worldwide. Our highly knowledgeable staff work with all customers and distributors to ensure you get exactly what you need, no matter the quantity or scope of items required.

Keep our valuables safe and invest in quality, peace of mind and security with T-Groove security nuts.

Bulk quantities, packaged quantities and kits available. Call us for more information 1.888.584.6283.