License plate anti-theft screws are one of those things you don’t think about until you need them. Standard license plate screws are easy to tamper with or remove and stolen license plates can be used in criminal activity. Avoid the hassle of reporting stolen license plates and the downtime of replacement. Be proactive with your vehicle or fleet by keeping your license plates secure with license plate anti-theft screws

Loss Prevention Fasteners license plate anti-theft screws keep your plates secure with a design that requires a specialized tool for installation and removal. Regular license plate screws use standard screw heads like Phillips or slotted which are easily removed with standard screwdrivers found at every hardware store—and that individuals looking to steal license plates would carry with them. Loss Prevention Fasteners’ stainless steel anti-theft number plate screws use our Ultra 5 lobe pin screws. These screws can only be removed with a specialized tool. This special tool is easy to use with any 1/4” screwdriver. These secure designs cannot be opened with standard screwdrivers and easily deter theft. Most criminals will quickly move on to a more easily-removable license plate when they see that your plate and registration tag is secured with security screws that have a specialized design.

Loss Prevention Fasteners’ security tag screws are easy to install and offer top-notch theft protection and peace of mind. Customers consistently rate our Ultra 5 lobe pin security screws as one of the most tamper-proof designs. They’re easy to install, made with stainless steel, and feature a truss head style. Our unique 5 lobe style has a non-symmetrical shape that’s resistant to tampering. The three most common sizes of license plate screws are 1/4-20, #14, and M6. Our 5 lobe design creates a security screw that is extremely difficult to remove without the appropriate tools. 

For personal use, Loss Prevention Fasteners provides package kits for your license plates that include four license plate screws and the specialized removal tool. Businesses can also provide these pre-packaged kits with point-of-purchase merchandising customized with your business logo and information. We also provide bulk license plate security screws for commercial use in fleets, cities, municipalities, and transportation companies. These anti-theft screws can secure license plates for all kinds of fleets—large trucks, buses, cabs, car rentals—and all kinds of vehicles—cars, trucks, motorcycles. 


Loss Prevention Fasteners provides security screws with a universal fit to fit most makes and models, both domestic and imported. For specific measurements, see the diagram below. Our high quality, tamper-proof license plate security screws are made with non-rusting stainless steel in the United States. 

Secure peace of mind and deter theft of your license plate with Loss Prevention Fasteners’ license plate anti-theft screws. With our top of the line security screws, you can have confidence in the quality of your product and security of your plates.


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