The best security screw options for the food and medical industries.

There are a few key situations where you might want a different kind of security screw. Maybe you’re looking for something that can be sterilized for use in food preparation or medical space. Maybe you need something unobtrusive that won’t cause issues or injury by catching on clothing. Maybe you need a design that works for electronics by decreasing electron discharge. Maybe you’re just looking for something that’s secure, discreet and aesthetically pleasing. The answer for all these scenarios is the Avsafe security screws and tools. Loss Prevention Fasteners lead the way in Avsafe and oval head security screws.

The Avsafe security screw is a cleanly designed screw that looks like a nail or rivet when it’s installed. With an oval-shaped, out of round head and bevelled sides, the Avsafe screw is both aesthetically pleasing and secure. Like other LP Fastener options, the Avsafe security screw is tamper-proof and can only be removed with Avsafe tools provided by LP Fasteners.

The Avsafe screw is appropriate for situations where hygiene is paramount. The design has no flute, recesses, holes, or sharp edges that are difficult to clean and keep sterile. The clean design and smooth out of round design ensures there are no crevices where food or bacteria can hide. This makes it a great option for the food or medical industries to ensure both security and hygiene.

This clean design is also ideal for preventing injury or other safety issues. The smooth head ensures it doesn’t snag materials or catch on clothing. For environments with a lot of activity or regular contact with machinery or applications with security screws, this Avsafe design is a small change that can have a big impact.

The Avsafe oval-shaped screw is also often used for medgas applications as the narrow barrel is appropriate for tight-fit medgas situations. See the graphic below for reference to different size options and the best choice for medgas.


The unique design of the Avsafe security screw also prevents electron discharge, making it a great choice for electronics and any high-voltage application. And of course, the clean look is also a benefit for any situation where you need a security screw but want to build an aesthetically-pleasing environment. The smooth out of round head is discreet and minimal, providing security and aesthetic in one option.

These tamper-proof Avsafe security screws are removable with specialized Loss Prevention Fasteners tools. For removal, you can use the Avsafe screwdriver or the Avsafe driver bit, which is approximately 2-3/4 inches long and fits the standard 1/4-inch hex. The Avsafe security screws are available zinc-plated or in 18.8 stainless steel. You can purchase the screws in a variety of sizes (see our catalogue for more details) and there’s also the possibility for custom options – Contact us for more information on customization. You can determine the tool size by measuring the security screw head. See the graphic below for more details.


Whether you’re looking for a hygienic screw you can use in a food preparation or medical environment, a smooth design that will prevent injury, or just an aesthetically-pleasing security option, the Avsafe security screw from LP Fasteners is your best choice. If you’re not sure which security screw is the best fit for your application, we can work with you to review your needs and provide you with the best option.

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