Nothing ruins a trip outdoors faster than lost or stolen gear. Ensure your camping or off-road trips are all about the adventure with reliable roof top tent security. At Loss Prevention Fasteners we use our signature security fasteners to prevent theft or tampering with your gear including roof top tents, roof top racks, car toppers, or other roof top accessories. With our security fasteners, you get the best quality roof top tent security so you can enjoy peace of mind on all your outdoor adventures.

Whether you’re a weekend adventurer or a committed outdoors person, the popularity of flexible, self-contained travel has soared over the last few years. When it comes to embracing the travel life, there are many options for gear, set up and vehicles. One of the low-commitment options that offer flexibility is the roof top tent. Roof top tents are a kind of bed on wheels—basically, a tent that’s secured to the roof of your vehicle. Roof top tents are easy to install and can be used on many cars, jeeps, trucks, and SUVs. They come in hard and soft shell models, depending on what suits your vehicle and preferences. 

Roof top tents combine the convenience of easy movement with the comfort of higher-commitment methods of travel. You can enjoy the benefits of RV or van travel without purchasing another vehicle. Roof top tents are durable, waterproof, and sleeping off the ground ensures you won’t be bothered by pests or other critters. RTTs are easy to set up and tear down, meaning you can move when the mood strikes or easily take off for the weekend. Spend more time enjoying nature and less packing and unpacking or worrying about the security of your tent. RTTs also free up more space inside your vehicle for other gear because you don’t have to squeeze in a tent or sleeping gear.


But as with anything that’s easily installed on your vehicle, security is paramount. You want it to be easy for you to install and set up, but difficult for someone else to remove or tamper with. Loss Prevention Fasteners provides options in a variety of sizes (both inches and metric) for your RTT or roof rack security. Depending on the brand or style of your roof top tent or rack, you can use Ultra 5 lobe pins, Ultra 6 lobe pins, T-groove nuts, or a combination. Ultra 6 lobe pins are a great option, while Ultra 5 lobe pin tools are not. The T-groove nuts are easy to install (see video below) as they use a 3-way socket. This means you can install the nuts in any area including tight places—which are common with roof top tents and roof racks—with a 1/2” socket, ¾” wrench, or ratchet.


Our anti-theft security fasteners can be used for any kind of roof top accessory, including roof top racks, car toppers, platforms, or storage. So whether you’re planning your outdoor adventures with a roof top tent, or storing or moving items in your roof top storage, use Loss Prevention Fasteners security bolts and nuts to ensure security.

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Don’t get caught out in the wilderness or far from home without a place to sleep. Leave your vehicle with peace of mind, knowing that your security fasteners prevent theft or tampering. Enjoy all the benefits of the roof top tent and flexible outdoor adventures with the highest quality roof top tent security

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