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LPF is "The Source" for High-Security
Theft Resistant Fasteners and Tools

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Specialty Products

Copper wires

Wire Theft Prevention

Ultra-Lok® Hand Hole Covers (HHC) are your number one solution to wire theft prevention from Light Poles. Cut from 3/16″ steel plate and backed with 1/4″ plate these resist any attempt at gaining access to active electrical wires. {Read More...}
Solar panel fasteners

Solar Panel Fasteners

LPF is the leading Supplier of Tamper Resistant / Security Solar Panel Fasteners to the Installation and Repair Industries. We carry a complete line of Tamper Poof Nuts and Security Bolts in Stainless Steel, Zinc Plated, Alloy and Non-Standard Materials. {Read More...}

Our Catalog

LPF Tamper Proof Fastener Catalog
LOSS PREVENTION FASTENERS is your complete source for Security, Tamper Resistant Fasteners and Hardware “Call us first”...

We have a combined 75 years of Security, Tamper Resistant Fastener experience, we can work off Prints and Sketches. Please call us with any questions 1.888.584.6283.

At LPF we understand the value of adding Tamper Resistant Bolts, Screws and Nuts to your arsenal let us help you keep the thieves OUT. Whether you are an OEM, distributor, contractor or developer we have solutions and price points for everyone.

If you don’t see it or can’t find it, let our “Custom Fastener Department” help. We can accommodate large or small runs and quick turnarounds.

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We Stock a Complete Line of Tamper Resistant Fasteners in Imperial and Metric Threads Including:

  • Tamper Proof® Machine Screws
  • Tamper Proof® Sheet Metal Screws
  • Tamper Proof® Set Screws
  • Penta Bolts®
  • Penta Nuts®
  • Security / Tamper Proof® Nuts
  • Security Tools
  • Tamper Resistant®
  • Security / Tamper Proof® Binder Posts
  • Tamper Proof® Anchors
  • Plus many more......
  • Torx® Security
  • Torx Plus® Security
  • Hex Pin® Security
  • One Way® Security
  • Snake Eyes® / Spanner® Security
  • Avsafe® / Oval Round® Security
  • S-Groove® ** High Security **
  • Phillips Security
  • Ultra-Lok® ** High Security **
  • Tuf-Nuts®
  • Plus many more.....