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Two Piece Rivets, Sandwich Style Mate Rivets.

A two-piece, non-structural break stem rivet and female tube. Each component is inserted from opposite sides of the application such that the rivet component inserts into the tubular component. When the rivet is installed, the two components are held together by a bulge created as the mandrel head is pulled through the rivet.

* Security Pin Bolt Rivets are fast and easy to install.

* No special installation tool is required for Tamper Resistant Pin Bolt Rivets.

* Mushroom head, Truss head, Linear head, Button head, Universal head, Brazier head, Jumbo head, Countersunk Security Rivets

* Will not damage the application surface.

* Good selection of grip ranges.

* Esthetically good look after installation.

* Many uses including city street signs, traffic signs, public art, etc

* Can be used in posts as well as solid substrate.

Security pin bolt rivets, two piece security rivets, tamperproof rivet, stop sign theft, vibration proof

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